Did you know in 2019 the average DevOps engineer salary was $122,000?

So you want to get Terraform certified and you don’t know where to start?

There’s so MUCH information out there about the certification and it seems like everyone has an opinion on you need to know to pass it.

Let’s be honest, the exam criteria for the Terraform cert is, put bluntly: confusing

If you can’t figure out the official documentation, how are you supposed to pass? 

How long are you willing to invest into solo learning? Days, WeeksMonths

You know how stressful it is come exam time thinking “I don’t want to fail because I have to pay to retake”.  

How many attempts are YOU willing to commit to? 

Two, Three, Four… More?

When it’s coming out YOUR pocket to pay for the exam, you want to pass first time or else it’s going to get very EXPENSIVE, very FAST at $70+ an attempt.

Getting certified for a new job, or going for promotion looks great and adds tons of value to your CV and your LinkedIn profile

With the exam just hitting the market, more and more DevOps engineers are taking it, passing and instant recognition of their achievement

Soon it could become “The entry level cert” for any DevOps job so you need to get it ASAP to stand out from the crowd NOW!

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What makes me qualified to teach you Terraform?

You’ll be learning Terraform from me, TJ Addams

I’m a Terraform Certified DevOps Engineer and did you know that:

Warp 9 was the FIRST company in the WORLD to launch a dedicated Terraform Certified Associate course

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I’m the instructor for this course and have helped thousands of people like yourself not only learn, but master Terraform 

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Our goal is to get you Terraform Certified at Warp speed - it’s in our name after all!

I’ve worked at Capgemini, and with Deloitte on huge, multi-billion dollar projects using the tools I’m teaching you

To give you the edge over everyone else, I used to be an independent DevOps consultant who was charging $1000 a day for my time. 

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My goal is to get you Terraform Certified at Warp speed!

The way we do this is by teaching you EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW for the exam

Cutting out all the BS, Fluff and Filler! 

Packed full of expertly crafted hands-on, easy to follow demonstrations.

So how is this different, than anything else?

We don’t waste your time with PowerPoint™ and glitzy animations.

You’re openly encouraged to join in with the demos so that by the end of the courses, the commands and code become muscle memory

You’ll be surprised how much you remember when you get to the end of the course

We’ve done all the hard work for you!

You won’t need to spend hours fixing broken labs, be left on your own to figure things out or struggle filling in the knowledge gaps

We’ve spent weeks researching and working to make sure you don’t have to do any of that!

It’s designed to take you from zero to certified, step-by-step.

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While others stick to learning the “traditional” way with long courses or using books, you can get certified the same day

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You can join the growing number of Terraform Certified engineers and learn everything you need to know to pass the exam.


As an added bonus: to make sure you’re well prepared for the exam, I’ve included the Terraform Beginner to Pro course that will take you from Zero to Terraform Hero  

It will cover how to get started, the absolute basics of Terraform and important concepts like dynamic blocks and modules.

Not just that, it covers how to create resources with Terraform - something KEY to passing the exam!

You'll have THREE, unique hands-on challenges for you to complete to really test what you've learnt and make sure you're well prepared for not just the exam but working with Terraform in the real world of industry! 

If you’re still not sure this course is right for you, I’m so confident you’ll love the course, there’s a 30 day no questions asked refund policy, if you aren’t 100% satisfied!

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