Did you know in 2019 the average DevOps engineer salary was $122,000?

All cloud computing training companies leave this out!

And we just can’t figure out why...

Because when you start working in cloud computing, you’ll be expected to KNOW this!

It’s not even mentioned by the big names you follow!

Yet it’s taking the industry by storm.

If you want a job in Cloud Computing or DevOps YOU NEED THIS!

So what is “it”?


It’s already taken the industry by storm and has become a requirement for nearly every DevOps and Cloud Role

You might be wondering “So what does it do?

If you’ve used AWS or are currently taking an AWS Certification Course, all you’ve seen is the web console.

Here’s the big secret that no one tells you...

The thing EVERYONE CONVENIENTLY leaves out


Yes, that’s right!

No one uses the web interface to create resources

Why’s that you might wonder?

Here are a few reasons why:

You can’t track any changes you’ve made.

You can’t reuse what you’ve created, you’ll have to do it all again from SCRATCH!

What if it takes three hours to set up an environment then you need to tear it down, how long will it take you to tear it down?

How can you make sure you don’t miss anything?

That’s where Terraform steps in!

Terraform is referred to as: Infrastructure as Code (IAC)

You write in code what you want to create on the cloud platform and Terraform creates it

Don’t let the word code intimidate you, it’s super easy!

Anything you write is tracked so you and your team can see what’s created

With one simple command you can create entire environments and likewise, you can tear them down with a single command.

If you need to repeat parts of what you’ve created, you can use the code again.

And that’s just scratching the surface!

Terraform will change the way you work with the cloud forever!

Now you know what it is, you can get a head start by learning it today!

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