Linux is an essential skills to know for DevOps.

Are you ready to started?

So much information out there about Linux, where to even begin?!

Seems like everyone out there has an opinion on what you need to know.

This course has quick and concise lectures so you can use them to learn fast and reference back to when you're on the job.

This isn't one of those boring courses where the instructor reads off a PowerPoint slide.

The course will take you through the Linux command line fundamentals so you can get started right away using it.

Then we expand your knowledge on important areas such as the Linux filesystem, do you know what all the different directories are for?

You'll know at the end of the course EXACTLY what each one is for.

How to install and remove software in the terminal and unlike other courses, you learn how to do it multiple different ways.

With Linux there is often more than one way to do things so you'll know exactly which one to use based on the situation.

You're not limited to ONE Operating System!

You're going to learn software installation for Ubuntu and CentOS.

Ubuntu uses the Debian package manager and CentOS uses the Redhat Package Manager.

Nearly all Linux distributions use one of the two package managers.

Now when it comes administering systems, you'll be ready as you know both.

With Linux there are text editors you can use in the terminal. You're going to learn about them and how to use to take your Linux skills to the next level.

Many courses skip this KEY bit of knowledge, not us!

It's so important, there's even an entire lecture dedicated to the biggest interview curveball where many inexperienced engineers fail, make sure you're not one of them.

Learn about storage in Linux, how you add and remove storage. Master one of the fundamental pillars of System Administration.

There's also an entire section dedicated to networking and troubleshooting. Never be stuck not knowing why things aren't working.

You'll have the knowledge and the experience to resolve and diagnose network issues.

There's even an entire section dedicated to processes and services. This can be a really confusing topic to understand and we've made it easy for you to understand.

You'll have a rock-solid understanding and know exactly what commands to use.

Be ready for whatever they ask you in an interview and feel confident you have the skills to do the job.

Zero-To-Expert In Just Over 90 Minutes

With over 90 lessons and 1 hour and 30 minutes on content, you'll learn the Linux fundamentals in no time with hands-on demonstrations.

Unlike the courses that go on for hours, this one is shorter.

With no fluff and banter, no long intros and outros before and after lessons which all add up to the total time, you get a concise learning experience.

The course will get you up to speed so fast, at a push you could watching the entire course right before your interview.

As the lessons are short and separated, you won't need to remember which time in a 20+ minute video to watch.

Instead you can watch the individual lesson on the specific tool or concept you need to brush up on for your interview or the task at hand you're working on.

Sign up now for the course and master Linux today!

Hi, I’m TJ Addams

With nearly 10 years in IT project roles, I spent a lot of time teaching over 16,000+ people on- and offline. So they can become ready to use their skills in production, even without prior experience.

I simplify all the processes new students need to understand. And I provide a clear roadmap on what to learn to produce results fast.

Everything I teach is based on what is used in industry and cutting out what isn’t.

I operated in lead support roles to Project Sponsors, Platform Engineers, Solutions Architects, Developers, and Testers & have worked with partners to develop real-time systems underpinned by Terraform. I also have operated in diverse sectors including consulting, technology services and digital transformation; private online healthcare; and biomedical research.

This allows me to bring you unique insights way beyond the trivial "hello world" type of examples...

... coupled with lots of demos, tips, and advice on how it’s used in industry. I cover the nitty-gritty to help you stand out from the crowd and learn the things most engineers don't even know about.


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Course Curriculum

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Available in days
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  Commands 101
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  Managing Software (Ubuntu)
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  Managing Softare (CentOS)
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  Filesystem Explained
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  Text Editors
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  Processes and Services
Available in days
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Available in days
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Available in days
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  What to do next
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